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Q: Help I'm getting a LUA error/crashing.[edit]

A: This means that usually you are missing some updates. To fix this issue try these steps:

  1. Run the CakeRO patcher as administrator. Make sure your game is closed while doing that or the updates wont be saved.
  2. You need to have an updated data.grf from kRO in your CakeRO folder. The full client comes with one but the lite client doesn't. You can download the data.grf separately from HERE (google drive) orHERE (mediafire)
  3. Try to repatch. How? Delete a little file called update.dat in your CakeRO folder. Then Run the patcher once more.

Important: Do not mix CakeRO files with other pserver files!!

Q: When I open the client, it gets stuck on a white screen or the Gepard logo.[edit]

A: Use the CakeRO-Setup.exe to set your graphics settings.

Q: My Antivirus/Firewall/Windows Defender doesn't like CakeRO, is it safe?[edit]

A: Some antivirus programs will have issues with our patcher as it downloads and updates the files in the CakeRO folder. It only updates files inside the CakeRO folder and has no other access to any other files on your computer. You may have to allow an exception through whatever program you are using if it keeps deleting your RO files and causing you errors. The patcher cannot execute any files other than the CakeRO client on its own.

Q: How do I delete my character?[edit]

A: Date of birth that you entered during the account registration in the format: YY-MM-DD (dashes included!). If you happened to register with _M/_F, you enter nothing in the prompt box.