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The Dress Room NPC allows us to change our character's look in very unique ways!  She allows us to take our classes and transform them into something, well... Different!  Depending on what class you currently are, she'll offer you an array of options to disguise your character into a similar costume in your class tree. 

You can find the Dress Room in @go market (or by using the Centralia sign post warp to get to the marketplace).  She's located at 171, 93. 

The Dress Room NPC requires 8 Costume Tickets to transform your character's appearance.  Don't worry though, if you decide you don't like your current costume, she'll return your 8 costume tickets. 

Costume tickets can be purchased for 200 Cash Points in our Cash Point Shop!




3rd Job Costumes[edit]

These guys should look fairly familiar.  Found on all renewal servers.

3rd JOb Sprites.png


jRO Alternate Costumes[edit]

Not as commonly seen, these classes are an "Upgraded" version of the normal 3rd Job Sprites

JRO Sprites.png


4th Job Costumes[edit]

These are brand new, and we're happy to announce that CakeRO is the first private server to release these as costumes!